Become a leader in the industries of electronical material components and die cutting


As an important business field developed on the basis of electronic functional materials, the Electronical Material Components Business Division of Selen Science & Technology is a major business strategic layout that conforms to national industrial upgrading, opens up the upstream and downstream reaches of the industrial chain, and enhances the company's core competitiveness. The Division is mainly engaged in the precision die-cutting of electronic functional components. It has a number of subsidiaries such as Ningguo Qianhong Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Jinyaohui Technology Co., Ltd. Main customers are the world's leading consumer electronics brand manufacturers, such as Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Foxconn, Amazon and other first-class customers at home and abroad.


Qianhong Electronics was established in Dongguan in August 2010. It established Anhui Ningguo R&D and Production Base and was certificated as China’s new high-tech enterprise in 2016. It is mainly engaged in the production and marketing of die cutting accessories (such as OCA, foam, protection film, double sticky tape, high-end dust screen, insulation and vibration-proof materials, EMI conducting materials) for components of electronic products. In particular, it provides supporting die cutting accessories for high-precision electronics such as touch screen, circuit board, hardware injection molding, mobile phone, and tablet computer. After ages of development, the Company has owned the professional technical team and processing & inspection equipment, including 280 sets of flat knife equipment, over 30 sets of circular knife equipment, 150 sets of hot briquetting equipment, and over 85 sets of punching equipment. It now has more than 20,000 square meters of independent industrial park in Chang’an, Dongguan, and over 1,000 staff on active duty. In recent years, its annual growth has remained above 20%, leading the industry. In addition, the Company has established strategic partnership with multiple leading enterprises (OPPO, VIVO, BBK Education Electronics, Foxconn Precision Electronics, Lens Technology, Shenzhen DFLC Precision Processing Co., Ltd., Dongguan Huamao Precision Processing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Changying Precision Processing Co., Ltd., and Dongguan Jingsheng Precision Processing Co., Ltd.) and consistently provided quality products and solutions.




Jinyaohui Technology was established in 2011 and equipped with more than 50 units of die-cutting equipment. The die cutting area covers 2,500 square meters, with a daily output of 300KK die cutting products. With comprehensive inspection system and equipment as well as innovative and pioneering engineering team, the Company mainly serves the industries like mobile phone, computer, camera, automobiles, and medicine. After six years of growth, the Company, with the concept of “High Quality and Superb Service”, serves high quality customers like Foxconn, O-film, BYD, Huawei and Jielong Technology and provides accessories, raw materials and processing service for international brands like Apple, Huawei, NOKIA, and AMAZON.

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