Clean room industry system solution provider;It compromises clean room industry super clean products’ R&D, manufacturing and marketing, as well as super cleaning integration services.




Super clean products business group consists of Selen Science & Technology Super Clean Products headquarters, Shenzhen KingkyLin Environmental Technology and Dongguan Shoudao. It mainly works on R&D, manufacturing, marketing and super cleaning integration services of anti-static/clean room body equipments (clean room clothes/shoes/caps etc.), consumables (dust free wiper/paper, packaging materials, dust free mask, dust free gloves/fingerstalls, dust free office consumables etc.) which has ranked domestic leading in anti-static/clean room industry system solution provider. Its subordinate brands consist of “SELEN”, “Selen” and “Vclean”. “EASY TO CLEAN” chain super cleaning center spreading all over the world which provide major marketing regions clients with faster and more effective smart services. Super cleaning level can reach class 10. We strive for excellence; meanwhile, through creating high quality and excellent services, we have satisfied clients’ development requirements incessantly and won trusts and good comments from more than 4000 national and international clients.

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KingkyLin Environmental Technology

Shenzhen KingkyLin environmental technology co., LTD. is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Selen Science & Technology Co., Ltd. subsidiary (shares referred to as: Selen Science & Technology, stock code: 002341), Shenzhen KingkyLin environmental technology co., LTD. founded in 2004, is engaged in air purification systems engineering design, construction and service providing high and new technology enterprise, is the largest in southern China region and the technical strength of the engineering contractors and equipment suppliers in the field of clean technology, consists of clean room system and product research and development center, air filter research and development design, production and sales center.

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