T&T S Series Aluminum Laminated Film T&T N Series Aluminum Laminated Film T&T H/N Series Aluminum Laminated Film

N25C45Ⅲ-E(113μm) / N15C35Ⅲ-E(88μm)

? Stable lamination strength, excellent long time use safety reliability.

Product Introduction Product Applications Product structures Performance Parameters Details Description

Japan T&T (Toppan) outer layered nylon type Aluminum-plastic laminated film, hot lamination process without adhesive agent between Al/pp. Excellent tolerance to electrolyte, safe for long-term use, A kind of non-chrome and environmental polymer composite of lithium battery package material and applies to the digital products, and new energy powered EV and energy storage battery.


? Applies to the digital products.

? New energy powered EV.

? Energy storage battery.



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