1.pngAccumulated patent  through application and authorization
2.pnglicensed invention patent
7.pngState/Industrial Standards laid by Selen 20.pngState,Provincial,Municipal Scientific Projects organized by Selen

Accumulated more than 590 to apply for a patent

As of the beginning of 2019, Selen Science & Technology's technology development center had possessed more than 590 independent R&D patents through application and authorization. It was the holder of 340 authorized patents, including 158 invention patents which accounted for 46% of the total.



7 Editor-In-Chief/Senate National/Industrial Standard

Editor-in-chief/senate 《Clean Room Garment-Test Method Of Point-To-Point Resistance》、《Clean Room Garment-General Technical Regulations》、《Clean Room Garment-Test Method Of Easy Shed Large Particles》、《Textile-Evaluation For Electrostatic Properties Electrostatic Attenuation Method》、《Anti-Static Dust-Free Cloth General Specifications》、《Anti-Static Packaging Technical Requirements Of Electronic Products》 and 《Daily Protective Mask Technical Specifications》these seven industrial/national standard. It has successively undertaken over 20 national、provincial、municipal、district science and technology projects. Most of the projects have approved provincial or municipal scientific and technological achievement appraisals and have achieved industrialization.

The data above updated to September, 2016
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